If you're looking for a nice, cosy Zelda-like to play on your Switch, you might want to keep an eye on Lonesome Village from indie developer Ogre Pixel.

The game is a dungeon puzzler inspired by classic RPGs – so yes, the Legend of Zelda series – but you won't just be saving your town and solving puzzles, you'll be rebuilding it. Your sleepy town is home to a number of animal villagers who want a nice peaceful life, so just like Animal Crossing, the game also features the odd bit of cuddly life sim gameplay for good measure.

A Kickstarter page has gone live today, with the game targeting a release on both Switch and PC. Lonesome Village is already midway through development, but the campaign hopes to raise $20,000 to fund the rest of the process; a September 2021 release window is the target.

Ogre Pixel game director Steve Durán says, "Lonesome Village has been an adventure made with great love and passion during the last 7 months, and this process has been an amazing experience. However, there is still a lot of work to do and this is why we need your help."

If you're interested, we'll leave you with this official description of the game. Make sure to check out that Kickstarter page if you want to pledge your support. It certainly looks like it has potential.

Lonesome Village is a cosy RPG adventure, taking place in a formerly sleepy town in dire need of help. The animal villagers are trying to return to life as normal following a calamitous event which wiped out their homes. And the less said about the mysterious tower which has appeared just outside of town, the better.

Players will take on the role of Wes, a wandering coyote who happens upon the town and decides to investigate these strange happenings further. Along the way, they'll discover mysterious cultists, a vast conspiracy, villagers who need rescuing, and puzzles which need unpuzzling.