The last major update about Little Nightmares II was at last year's Gamescom, when developer Tarsier Studios said the puzzle-platform horror adventure would be launching this year.

It seems that's now changed, as this year's Gamescom trailer has now revealed it'll be arriving next year on 11th February. Here's why it's been delayed, according to producer Lucas Roussel:

We wanted to spend more time on the game and give it even more love, so we could create the best possible experience to delight our passionate fans.

And here's what you can expect when it does arrive:

The game will let players take control of Mono, a young boy trapped in a distorted world, who will be accompanied by Six, the protagonist from the first game, who will be computer-controlled. Players will have to bond and work with Six to solve puzzles, discover the world’s grimmest secrets and escape its monstrous inhabitants, such as the horrifying Hunter and the grotesque Teacher.

Take a look at the trailer above and tell us how you feel about this delay? Let us know in the comments.