Castlevania Netflix
Image: Netflix

Netflix's Castlevania series has been something of a pleasant surprise; not only is it entertaining to watch, it also does justice to Konami's gothic gaming franchise with a mature storyline and plenty of callbacks to the original games. Much of the series' appeal is down to famed comic book writer Warren Ellis, who has penned the storyline to the first three series and has reportedly finished work on a fourth.

However, Ellis has recently been accused of sexual harassment and abuse by several women, and despite his public response to the allegations is now being removed from projects by his various employers.

As part of his statement, Ellis said:

While I've made many bad choices in my past, and I've said a lot of wrong things, let me be clear, I have never consciously coerced, manipulated, or abused anyone, nor have I ever assaulted anybody. But I was ignorant of where I was operating from at a time I should have been clear and for that I accept 100% responsibility.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ellis has seen his involvement with ongoing projects cancelled, although his work on the fourth series of Castlevania is believed to be complete and is therefore not impacted. However, The Hollywood Reporter's sources claim that he is not expected to return to the franchise, should a fifth season be commissioned.

Given that series 3 was more popular than the second one, there's a good chance it still has a future, with or without Ellis.

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