Last month, Nintendo decided to open up a brand new Instagram dedicated to the Animal Crossing franchise. It makes sense given New Horizons' ridiculous levels of success, and nearly one month on, the account is starting to become a place to reminisce over favourite villagers that have come and gone from your beautiful island home.

What wasn't clear when the account first opened, is that each villager is being treated to their very own post on their in-game birthdays. Take today's offerings, for example, where birthday boys Boots and Rory are being shown off inside their humble abodes.

The entire account is made up of these little clips, giving you an insight into what each villager's home looks like on the inside. When a whole year has passed, we'll have a complete set.

If you're a diehard fan of Animal Crossing and haven't yet given the page a follow, make sure to do just that to fill up your timeline with happy animal goodness.