Launching next week on Nintendo Switch is Piffle, a cutesy puzzle game full of colour and adorable cats.

A standard mobile puzzler on the surface, Piffle has players lining up shots to clear blocks from the screen. You'll need to collect an army of 'Piffle Balls' to help you do just that, before flinging them across the screen to cause adorable mayhem. There are plenty of different Piffle Balls to find and craft, as well as a selection of power-ups to collect.

Despite being free on mobile, this one has an asking price of $19.95 on Switch (currently reduced to $13.96). Presumably, just like other mobile games that have made the leap to Nintendo's platform, the game's usual microtransactions will be removed in favour of this one-off payment. In some cases, like rhythm game VOEZ, this seemingly expensive cost of entry actually works out cheaper than the amount you'd have to pay to complete the game on smartphones.

Why you’ll love Piffle?
- It’s Chill! Play at your own pace
- A positively cute and colourful game, filled with crafty characters!
- Discover fun-filled worlds with hundreds of levels to adventure through
- Dozens of adorable Piffle Balls to craft and collect!

It’s simple to play!
- Break all the blocks! Just aim your Piffle Balls and release
- Boost your score! Bounce as many times as you can to build those sweet combos
- Armed, fluffy, and dangerous! Find items to craft and collect an array of lovable Piffle Balls
- Power up! Boost your game with quirky gizmos and accessories!

Piffle launches on Switch on 2nd September. As mentioned above, you can currently take advantage of a pre-launch discount.