Update (Thu 20th Aug, 2020 10:30 BST): Once again, Nintendo has restocked almost all of the Legend of Zelda amiibo on its Official UK Store. You can find links to them all below; any orders you make now are due to be dispatched on 17th September.

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Original Article (Fri 28th Jun, 2019 10:30 BST): Every single Legend of Zelda amiibo has been restocked on the Nintendo Official UK Store - and our bank balance just let out a small groan.

That's right, the Zelda figures that are part of the Super Smash Bros. collection, the lovely Breath of the Wild-themed figures, and all of the special Link amiibo are all back. At the time of writing, every single amiibo is still available to order but we'd expect them to sell out pretty quickly.

Some of the more common models are available to order immediately, while rarer ones are listed as pre-orders. Stock for those amiibo are expected to be shipped by late November. The Nintendo Store charges £1.99 delivery on orders under £20, or free delivery for any orders over that amount, and only takes payment on dispatch.

Will you be adding any of these to your collection? Any that you missed and are happy to see back? Let us know in the comments.