Animal Crossing Switch Lite

Just in case you'd forgotten about it, or somehow survived through the last few months without seeing it almost everywhere, Nintendo has released two new commercials in Japan for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The first stars a Japanese family who incorporate the game into their daily lives. It reminds us of the versatility offered by the Switch and Switch Lite models, that all members of your wonderful, happy family can enjoy the game at their own pace, and that - as an Animal Crossing player - you'll obviously have lovely, quiet children who help with the cooking.

The second is a funky gameplay trailer which looks at the game's latest major update, showing off its new features like swimming and diving, new island arrival Pascal, and an art gallery that has way more paintings than ours does.

We recently discussed the idea that Animal Crossing's rollout of new updates has the potential to make the game feel 'incomplete', which generated a healthy discussion among our readers on how we all seem to enjoy the game differently. Feel free to give that a read if you're interested.

Otherwise, we'd love to know how your islands are coming along in the comments below.