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One fish we know you're probably sick of hooking by now in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the sea bass.

According to a story over on Polygon, it has got to the point where a modder by the name of 'SmuggestGirl' has decided to eradicate this sea roach from the game. Their mod, simply titled 'No Sea Bass', reduces the spawn rate of this particular fish to zero percent. Here's some user feedback so far:

"Shucks, now [it's] all squids, olive flounders, and red snappers"

The same modder has also created the "complete opposite" of this - removing all other varieties of fish from the water but the sea bass. It left one commenter questioning what would happen if they ran both mods at the same time.

While the mod removing this fish from the game is definitely amusing, alternatively you could just learn to live with it occupying the surrounding waters of your tropical paradise. It still sells for 400 Bells!

Sea Bass - Nintendo Life IMGNintendo Life

Do you think the amount of sea bass swimming about in New Horizons needs to be reduced? Is there anyone out there who wants to catch more sea bass? Do you want them gone for good? Share your thoughts below.