8BitDo xCloud

Peripheral maker 8BitDo has been producing amazing controllers for quite some time now, and has never made any secret of the fact that it borrows heavily from Nintendo's school of hardware design. In fact, many of its pads – including the SN30 and NES30 – are based on Nintendo controllers, a fact that has made them beloved of Switch fans, as they can be used with that console, too.

8BitDo has now lifted the lid on its officially-licenced xCloud wireless pad, which is intended for use with Microsoft's cloud-based gaming platform, currently known as Project xCloud. The pad works via Bluetooth with Android phones and tablets, and offers 18 hours of battery life, as well as button mapping and stick and trigger sensitivity. A clip allows you to use it with your phone. 8BitDo is also offering a smartphone clip that works with the Xbox One or Elite controller.

As you can see from the images, the pad design rings a bell – it's based on the brilliant SN30 controller, which, in turn, is based on the iconic SNES pad. 8BitDo has added its own design elements, of course – such as the dual analogue sticks, two additional shoulder buttons and a big Xbox logo – but Nintendo's DNA runs through the design regardless, which at least means xCloud users are assured of a comfortable gaming experience.

[source purexbox.com]