Joker And Hero amiibo

Update: The release dates for both amiibo have now also been confirmed for Europe. Joker and Hero will both launch in Europe on 25th September, the same day as Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

Original Article: One of the highlights during the most recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation was when Masahiro Sakurai revealed the Joker and Hero would be immortalised as amiibo. Since then, fans have been wondering when exactly they would arrive.

Nintendo has now locked in some release dates. If you live in Japan, Australia, or New Zealand you'll be able to get your hands on both of these figurines on 25th September. And for anyone in North America, they'll be available on 2nd October. Here's the official Twitter announcement:

Presumably, Europe's release date will be around the same time. We'll be sure to let you know when we get an official confirmation. To find out where to pre-order these upcoming amiibo, keep an eye on our price guide.

Will you be adding either - or both - of these amiibo to your collection? Tell us down below.