Captain Falcon
Image: Nintendo

Less than a week after a protected Twitter handle for F-Zero was discovered - featuring a recovery email that seemingly matched Nintendo's '' address - it now appears to have been confirmed as a fake account.

Since then, the Twitter page has tweeted its first message in the form of a video, and let's just say it's not very family-friendly, at all - this indicates it has no connection to Nintendo. According to Google translate, the message attached to the tweet is "I did it" - in other words, it's likely a cruel joke.

The reason this Twitter account caught the attention of so many in the first place, is not only because the attached email looked like a Nintendo one, but the fact it was created in March 2020 - the same time as the SuperMario35th Twitter page. As one reply puts it:

@Horhey_FF Imagine creating an account 4 months ago just to create a fake leak months later
That’s some next level s***

While some F-Zero fans remain hopeful, others say they were never convinced in the first place:

@HydraBravoWC F-Zero fan here, you never fooled me. All leaks involving F-Zero are fake.

Of course, now all the attention has turned to the Super Mario Twitter account that was discovered earlier last week. As previously mentioned, it was also created in March of this year and has a similar looking email address linked to it. At the time of writing, no tweets have been made by this account.

Is the Mario account also a fake? Or is it the real deal? We'll leave you to discuss this in the comments below.