BPM Bullets Per Minute
Image: Awe Interactive

Ever wondered what would happen if Doom and Guitar Hero got it on and had a baby? BPM: Bullets Per Minute is what. It's an FPS roguelike with a focus on shooting, reloading and jumping to the game's music, and it looks pretty incredible – as you can see from the trailer for the PC version shown below.

As is tradition whenever a cool game hits PC, Awe Interactive – the developer behind the game – has been asked if there's any chance of a Switch port, and this is the reply that was given to Nintendo Life reader Adam Bardugo:

It's just a matter of time and ability for us, really. If the game does well on PC and we have enough skill without the team getting burnt out, it'll be on Switch. We don't want a bad port; we want the game to feel slick, so it's if we can achieve that. I think it's very much possible at 30fps. I'd like to get more though. But for now, we're focusing on the PC version.

While Switch owners are used to hearing this kind of sentiment, we'll still be crossing our fingers and toes that BPM does somehow make the leap over to Nintendo's console.