A 16-year-old student has been arrested in Japan for allegedly threatening to blow up Konami's Tokyo headquarters.

According to Yomiuri, the suspect made the threats between June 16th and June 18th on the review section of an online app store. Another Japanese outlet, Mainichi, reports that the game in question is Pro Evolution Soccer smartphone app.

Kotaku reports that the suspect allegedly wrote:

I’m going to blow up Konami’s headquarters. I’m going to kill the people who work at Konami.

The student added that terrorism was possible, even in a country like Japan. He has reportedly admitted the charges, explaining that he was frustrated by network connectivity issues that, he says, are a "defect" and caused him to lose a match.

Konami has said that it has strengthened security in response to the threat.

Founded in 1973 and famous for creating franchises such as Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Gradius and Contra, the company also manufactures trading cards, anime, pachinko machines and arcade cabinets, in addition to publishing the games of other developers. It recently released Ukuza's Skelattack on the eShop.

[source yomiuri.co.jp, via kotaku.com]