Robbie Lakeman
Image: Dave Danzara

Nintendo's arcade game Donkey Kong is nearly 40 years old and there's still a competitive scene for it.

What's even more impressive, in fact, is that the top players continue to set new high scores. According to a recent tweet by the one and only Billy Mitchell, the former champ Robbie Lakeman has returned to the top spot as the game's world record holder.

Lakeman apparently racked up 1,260,700 points in his latest run to dethrone John McCurdy. The leaderboards on Twin Galaxies note how McCurdy had held the previous world record (1,259,000) since 23rd July 2019 - so he's finally been beaten.

The last time Robbie was in the top spot was February 2018, racking up 1,247,700. As tough as this new record will likely be to topple, given the history of the Donkey Kong high score scene, we're sure it'll only be a matter of time before a new one is set.