Animal Crossing Polly Pocket
Image: ilovesheep123, via Reddit

Remember Polly Pockets? Those clamshell-like toys which let you keep an entire home full of little people and accessories in your pocket? Well, what if we told you there was an Animal Crossing one to admire?

Reddit user ilovesheep123 has shared this fantastic homemade effort online, complete with Animal Crossing: New Horizons' main cast, locations, accessories, and more. You can see K.K. Slider playing his famous tunes on the beach, Blathers taking care of his precious museum, the Able Sisters running their cute little store... It's very lovely indeed.

Its creator says that it took them just over two weeks to complete the project, with the shell being made from Palight and the inside being a mix of Palight, paper, Sculpey clay and acrylic paint.

You won't find these in your local stores sadly, but perhaps you could have a go at making your own - as long as you have more creative talent than we do, that is.

Nice job, ilovesheep123, on both your work and your username!

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