Here's how the game expects you to handle Wedding Season...
Here's how the game expects you to handle Wedding Season...

This week saw the grand launch of Wedding Season in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, where players can meet up with lovebird alpacas, Reese and Cyrus, to organise the wedding photographs of their fluffy dreams.

It's yet another adorable feature that's been added as a post-release update, and while most players are likely going along as expected, furnishing the photo studio with flowers and romantic white benches, others, well... Aren't.

Take this example from Reddit user, u/nocussinginmydiscord. The global pandemic has naturally played havoc with real-life weddings lately, so why not vent your frustrations by ruining the special day of digital critters, too? A slightly terrifying, but still very humorous effort.

There are plenty more where that came from, too. Take a look at these alternative takes on the alpaca wedding scene (with thanks to Polygon for compiling them):

Oh no, not him again...

Sometimes, players have even stolen the limelight for themselves. Is it just us, or does Cyrus actually look more than OK with how things have gone down?

The Wedding Season event will be running all month, so make sure to hop on and enjoy what it has to offer while it lasts. We have a guide full of everything you need to know about the event if you'd like to learn more.