As Beyoncé once famously sang, 'if you like it, then you shoulda put a ring on it'. Thankfully, if your significant other is as into The Legend of Zelda as you are, there's no better way to do just that than with a Triforce-style ring worthy of Zelda herself.

We recently stumbled across AllThingsGeekChic on Etsy, who sells the most amazing (and sometimes pricey!) Zelda themed jewellery.

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Zelda Rings
Image: AllThingsGeekChic

Perhaps the most amazing Zelda-themed item in AllThingsGeekChic's collection of jewellery is the Zora’s Sapphire ring which will set you back a whopping £927 / $1,143. This spiritual stone of water was, of course, passed down by the Zoras, and is sure to turn heads.

This lovely ring is cast in 14k gold with 1ct natural sapphire and .30ct tw natural diamond. If you're concerned about the ring's quality, you'll be pleased to know that reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so it seems you can order from this Etsy seller with no concerns.

Here are some more of our favourite items from AllThingsGeekChic's collection, with plenty more Zelda-themed jewellery to enjoy.

These are our favourite Zelda themed rings, but there are loads more over on Etsy. Let us know which is your favourite with a comment below.

Thanks to Ben for the tip!