Ninjala has been delayed and delayed, so what exactly has been going on behind the scenes with this bubble-gum free-to-play Switch exclusive?

After GungHo Online Entertainment's president and CEO Kazuki Morishita last month said part of it was to do with the safety of employees, he's now told Nintendo Everything that the main reason was tied to the modifications and improvements made to the online experience, as you might have already guessed.

“The reason for the delay was to modify the online competitive play so we could provide a better experience for players. We have a completely new server design. It’s a huge remake. During that time, we incorporated the feedback from various staff members and improved the overall quality. However, the original concept of the gum action has remained intact.”

Just earlier this week, the company showed off the recently-announced paid-for Story Mode DLC. While the main portion of the title is free-to-play, this additional content (available at launch) will cost you around $10 to download.

The game itself will arrive next week on 24th June. Will you be jumping into this multiplayer gum game on release? Pop a comment down below.