Update (Sat 9th May, 2020 06:00 BST): Following the news of Ninjala's delay, GungHo Online Entertainment's president and CEO Kazuki Morishita has now released a statement apologising to fans:

Ninjala is near completion, but we are significantly limited in how quickly we can work to test and finalize the game when we cannot be in the same room. Although we are working hard to launch Ninjala and release it to our fans, the health and safety of our employees is paramount. We apologize to our Ninjala fans who were eagerly anticipating its launch, and we ask for your understanding as we work to bring you the best game we can in this additional month.

GungHo has also uploaded a video about the delay (thanks, Nintendo Everything).

Original story (Fri 8th May, 2020 04:05 BST): The release date for the upcoming bubble gum brawler Ninjala has been postponed by a month. Yes, just a week after the beta test - which experienced some technical issues, GungHo Online Entertainment's official Twitter account for the game has now announced it'll be arriving on 25th June instead of 28th May.

The delay is tied to the spread of coronavirus, although the developer did not go into any detail beyond this. It's not the first thing to be impacted by the global pandemic - with many gaming conventions being called off, and various other titles such as The Outer Worlds being delayed.

Believe it or not, but Ninjala was first revealed at Nintendo's E3 Direct in 2018. When it does finally arrive on the Switch eShop, it'll be a free download for all users. Will you trying it out on release? What did you think of the beta? Share your thoughts below.

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