Pokemon Rip Off Capsmon

Like a heavy thunderstorm that never seems to end or that pesky piece of dirty chewing gum that you just can't get off your shoe, the trend of blatantly obvious Pokémon rip-offs continues to rear its ugly head.

The latest, 'Capsmon Adventure: Brave Heroes Assemble', can be found on the Microsoft Store. Available to download for free with in-app purchases, the game "is a capsule-monster collection game with cute cartoon figures and beautiful and delicate scene". Yep, beautiful and delicate scene.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this was an official Pokémon release, not least because it shows boatloads of real characters from the Pokémon franchise including Ash and Pikachu. In fact, the app's icon is a straight lift of the promotional artwork used for Pokémon the Movie: Genesect And The Legend Awakened. Just look at these wonderfully unique screenshots:

You can see the page listing here if you're interested. Of course, we assume it'll only be a matter of time before Nintendo and/or The Pokémon Company swoop in and Hyper Beam the thing out of existence.


Thanks to Maciek for the tip!

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