Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has found major success on Nintendo Switch, both from a business perspective and in terms of the reaction it's received from fans. In many ways, the game has taken the franchise to a whole new level, introducing several new features and playstyles that have instantly gelled with the series' classic life-sim formula.

The game's director, Aya Kyoguku, has spoken about how she believes New Horizons sits within the franchise to date in an interview with Spanish outlet, La Vanguardia. Intriguingly, she believes the game to be "the beginning of the third generation of the series", highlighting how each game can be placed into a specific era based on the way in which they handle communication and multiplayer gameplay.

Here are her full comments, with thanks to Nintendo Everything and @jesusxd96 for the translation:

"Looking back on the series, for the mainline titles specifically, I consider Animal Crossing: New Horizons to be the beginning of the third generation of the series.

The first Animal Crossing had no online play features – it was created under the premise that players could communicate in an asynchronous manner without an internet connection.

Online functions were added in Animal Crossing: City Folk and it was possible to play together even with people living in different places.

In New Horizons, due to the fact that you start by not having a normal town, there are a lot of changes even if you play alone. We also added a mode called ‘Party Play’ where you can play with people living on the same island simultaneously instead of doing it asynchronously like before.

The fact that Animal Crossing is a game about communication has been constant through the franchise’s history, but the options relating to how you communicate are changing in a flexible way alongside the times and technology."

An intriguing - and logical - way to look at things, huh?

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