Nintendo has issued an updated statement to its official customer support website today, warning users that April's data breach may have impacted considerably more accounts than initially reported.

You may remember that back in April, Nintendo confirmed that around 160,000 user accounts which used a Nintendo Network ID to log in may have been affected by unauthorised logins. It was warned that these users' personal info may have been viewed by a third party, though credit card information remained safe. A number of users did report that their accounts were used to buy in-game items in titles such as Fortnite, however.

In today's updated statement, Nintendo notes that further investigation into the data breach has revealed that there were "approximately 140,000 additional NNIDs that may have been accessed maliciously", on top of the original 160,000. Passwords for these NNIDs have been reset and those account holders have been contacted.

Despite the alarming numbers in Nintendo's statement, the company notes that less than 1% of all NNIDs globally have been impacted, and any necessary refunds are being processed.

Nintendo recommends that users enable two-step verification for their Nintendo Account as instructed here.

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