Update (Mon 18th May, 2020 14:15 BST): As promised, we've now updated this article with an English-language version of the trailer. Up above, you can now check out each of the 51 games with an English explanation.

Remember, there will actually be a secret 52nd game included, as well as a secondary free version to help you play in multiplayer with friends!

Original Article (Tue 28th Apr, 2020 12:00 BST): Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics (or just 51 Worldwide Games, as it'll be known in Europe), giving us a quick look at each and every game included.

It's only available in Japanese at the moment - we'll make sure to update the article with an English-language version should one appear - but you can still check out all of the games you'll be able to play. There are all sorts of different experiences on offer like Chess, Mancala, Four-in-a-row, Renegade, Slot Cars, Toy Boxing, and more, and everything's looking very lovely indeed.

If you didn't know, the game is actually a follow-up to Clubhouse Games on the Nintendo DS, known as 42 All-Time Classics in Europe. It was first revealed in the Nintendo Direct Mini which aired in March and will launch on 5th June.

Are you looking forward to this one? Did you play the original on DS back in the day? Let us know with a comment.