The three companies behind beat 'em up revival Streets of Rage 4 held an AMA on reddit last week and revealed some details regarding their plans for the game, as well as hinting about upcoming projects.

Dotemu, Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games took part in the thread, and many of the questions focused on DLC plans for the game. It's been previously stated that Guard Crush had ideas for additional content, and given the warm reception from fans and critics (we very much enjoyed the game), it seems like only a matter of time before we see some DLC.

Dotemu CEO Cyrille Imbert reiterated that although there are intentions to create more content, nothing is set in stone just yet:

We have many ideas, and we really want to add more content in the future. But nothing has been decided yet, so we are listening to you and will let you know "what" and "when" soon

Responding to a question from reddit user Cpt_Legs, Imbert later revealed that Dotemu is already working on more 'similar' projects:

Depending on how well 4 does, are sequels possibly going to be discussed or was this always planned as a one-off revival?

Hey there! We haven't discussed it yet but we'd like to first focus on SoR4 and continue to add content. But at Dotemu we are currently working on three unanounced similar projects, so stay tuned

Among other things, the teams also discussed:

  • the reason Skate/Sammy didn't appear in SOR4 ("we didn't want to commit to a visual design (like him appearing in a cutscene) without thinking of the his gameplay potential. Because if we show him, people will want him playable" - Guard Crush Games' Bo Samson)
  • the possibility of Streets of Rage 3's boxing marsupial Roo being playable in the future ("We will consider it" - Guard Crush's Cyrille Lagarigue)
  • and how Comix Zone is unlikely to be Lizardcube's next SEGA series revival ("I never played Comix zone. I [sic] looks and feel like a great game but I'm not sure I would go making a game I have no connection with" - artist Ben Fiquet).

So, if Comix Zone is off the table, what do you think these 'similar' projects could be? There were plenty of suggestions to be found in the AMA, but let us know below what old franchise you would like Dotemu and co. to revive next.