Team17 and Heliocentric Studios have announced that Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos is headed to Nintendo Switch this summer, a co-op adventure for up to four players.

The game has players tackling procedurally-generated dungeons full of enemies and puzzles, as well as exploring the overworld of Tasos in a bid to save its people from the Titans. If you're wanting to team up with friends, you can find other players online or jump in with your loved ones in local co-op.

On top of the multi-level dungeons, you'll also find that you can spend any cash you earn in-game on new weapons and abilities or rebuilding the village of Intori, or you can venture out and uncover new secrets hidden throughout the land. Here's a list of key features:

Key Features
Roguelite dungeon-crawling: Take on procedurally-generated dungeons packed with a variety of monsters, earning gems to spend on upgrades to get further in the next run
- Adventure together or alone: Up to four players can explore the lands of Tasos and tackle the dungeons, assisting and reviving each other to earn victory together
- Classic gameplay reinvented: This is top-down adventuring brought into the modern day with colourful visuals and a number of options for combat, puzzle-solving, and exploration

No specific release date has been revealed just yet, so that 'Summer 2020' window will have to do for now. We'll make sure to keep an eye out for any more news on this one as and when it arrives.

Do you like the sound of the game? Will you be teaming up with some friends to play through it all together? Tell us below.