Out Run New Horizons
Image: @uma73

And welcome back to your daily dose of Animal Crossing: New Horizons goodness, brought to you by the insanely talented community that has built up around the game since launch back in March which continues to deliver incredible custom content on a daily basis.

Yep, the latest addition to the catalogue of custom design crossovers is from Twitter user @uma73 who has used the red toy race car bed and copies of various scenic items to recreate the look of SEGA's feel-good arcade racer Out Run on their island, complete with coastal roads and those all-important blue skies. We particularly love the repeating items used to simulate the effect of Out Run's Super-Scaler sprites:

Of course, this is just one of the heartwarming, custom-made crossovers that has appeared over the last few weeks. At the weekend we looked at the Goldeneye 007 intro recreated in New Horizons, and just yesterday we saw an island transformed to look like actor Danny DeVito from above. Feel free to check out our picks of the most impressive island designs we've seen so far.

Be warned, though, that returning to your plain old island might be tough after witnessing what you could be doing on yours if you had the time and the talent.

In other news, we crafted a table recently. Absolutely chuffed with it, we were. What's that? Someone meticulously recreated Panzer Dragoon with a bunch of fossils and custom art designs?...

Er..., did we say how nice our table is?

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