Animal Crossing amiibo Cards
Image: Nintendo Life

We're big fans of using amiibo cards to invite villagers to our campsites in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but let's be honest - it's incredibly hard to get the entire set and many dedicated collectors end up turning to popular auction sites in order to fill the gaps in their collection, often from unscrupulous scalpers asking way over the odds for certain cards.

Thankfully, Nintendo (at least in Japan) is tackling the scalpers head-on with a reservation scheme which will span all four series of the 'Welcome amiibo' line. Lucky Japanese collectors will have until 30th June to make reservations for their chosen packs, which Nintendo will then manufacture to meet demand.

It's expected that these orders will be fulfilled in September and a pack will cost ¥330 Japanese Yen, which amounts to around £2.50 / $3.

Let's hope that Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe roll out a similar scheme at some point - we've no doubt that it'd be really popular with fans in the west, too!

Let us know if you still need amiibo cards for your Animal Crossing collection with a comment below.