The World Ends With You - Anime Expo 2020
Image: @AnimeExpo

If you like all things related to anime, on the 3rd and 4th of July, you'll be able to tune into a free Anime Expo 'Lite' livestream event. So, what'll be on show? Well...judging by the "key art collab" below, there'll at least something related to Square Enix's action-role playing title, The World Ends With You.

An official follow-up tweet adds that the images were originally planned as the program guide cover. As you probably already guessed, this has sent fans of The World Ends With You into an absolute frenzy on social media, although many are trying their best right now to not get too excited.

The World Ends With You first arrived on the Nintendo DS in 2007 and was developed by Square Enix and Jupiter (best-known nowadays for the Picross series on Switch). Later down the line in 2012, the game received an enhanced port for mobile devices, and in October 2018, The World Ends With You: Final Remix was released on the Switch.

What do you make of the above artwork - could it be teasing something? Share your thoughts down below.