Animal Crossing Merch

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has taken the world be storm since its launch on 20th March, with players around the world getting back to nature on Tom Nook's island and making themselves busy collecting fruit, conversing with the cute locals and generally pottering around. If ever there was a game for Switch we knew we'd be playing from the very second it was announced, Animal Crossing: New Horizons was it and it hasn't disappointed.

If you're a sucker for the series' gentle simulation of small-town life, there's a wide selection of lovely Animal Crossing-branded accessories and merch available to spend your pennies on. From tote bags to cases, play stands to plushies, we've collected the best we've found across the internet below, along with the game itself, that gorgeous Limited Edition Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch, guides, plushies, amiibo and more awesome accessories.

So, if Animal Crossing is your bag, why not pick up a bag (or another cute accessory) with Animal Crossing on it, eh?

And remember: you'll get 5% off your order total if you use the code 'NLIFE' at checkout on Play-Asia!

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Irresistible, no? It hadn't occurred to us just how much our lives would improve with the addition of a Tom Nook plush looking down at us watchfully from the office shelf. They say he is misunderstood, but we're certain he's got a secret lair in a volcano somewhere.

Let us know which of the above items you found hard to resist, as well as any other AC accoutrements you've found on your travels.