He's so rich, he washes himself with Bells.

If you had your doubts about Tom Nook in the past, the first-look at Animal Crossing: New Horizons earlier this week probably didn't change your opinion about him.

This time around, he's offering players a deserted island lifestyle package and is selling it as if it's the opportunity of a lifetime while demanding 49,800 Bells to set up a tent. Quite frankly, we're just not convinced. Luckily for Nook, New Horizon's director Aya Kyogoku and producer Hisashi Nogami were willing to defend his actions during an interview with IGN at E3 2019.

This time around, the sly raccoon will apparently reinvest all of your Bells into the local island community. According to Kyogoku, he'll be working "tirelessly" to ensure residents on the island are enjoying life.

"He has this place called Resident Services. He tirelessly works 24 hours making sure that all the residents on the island are happy and are living a good life...Whenever Tom receives those debts paid back from the residents and the players, I think that because these resident services upgrade as time goes on, I think he’s investing that money toward the Resident Service for the residents.”

Thankfully, islanders will upgrade their own houses over time – so you can focus on yourself. Your own task, to begin with, will be upgrading from a tent to a proper home as soon as possible.

Are you glad to hear Tom Nook will be reinvesting back into the local community? Do you think the raccoon has the player's best interests at heart? Share your thoughts below.

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