Metroidvania The Last Faith has only been on Kickstarter for a short time, but it has already secured £67,735 of funds, based on a target goal of £45,000 – and that means it's coming to Switch.

Developed by a small Italian team with experience in smartphones games, The Last Faith is an "exploration-based Metroidvania" and "action side-scrolling platformer" which boasts a "satisfying reactive action combat system, a high number of different weapons, use of the special buffs to power up your weapons, a variety of magic spells to support your combats, a giant world with terrific environments, and a highly detailed pixel art style."

While Metroidvania games are hardly in short supply these days, we're getting a real Castlevania: Symphony of the Night vibe from this one. Is it a game you'll be keeping an eye on? Perhaps you've backed it already?