Witcher 3 Anniversary
Image: CD Projekt Red

It feels strange to say, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt turned five-years-old today.

No, we can't quite believe it either, and not just because it only came to a Nintendo console last year. We're still poking around its incredible world over six months on from the remarkable Switch port, but to think that the game released on other platforms back in 2015 feels most unlikely. Still, here we are!

Developer CD Projekt Red has taken to Twitter to celebrate the occasion with a new rendition of the game's main theme performed by the company's Music Director Marcin Przybyłowicz and a whole bunch of guest musicians, each one quarantined and recording from home. Not that you'd ever know it given the stirring result! Plug in some good headphones and fill your earholes with the goodness below:

Obviously, these artists have killer recording studios and setups at home - they aren't recording on their phone. Listening to the rousing track certainly gets the heart racing; a great way to celebrate five years of the third entry in CD Projekt Red's acclaimed series.

In fact, listening to that has caused us to ditch our evening plans of Animal Crossing busywork in favour of jumping back into Geralt of Rivia's shoes and heading back to The Continent for the evening. Lovely!

Are you still playing The Witcher 3? Let us know how you're getting on with a comment below.

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