Super Mario Odyssey

Ah, Super Mario Odyssey. It's one of those games that we don't find ourselves thinking about particularly often, but when we do, wow does it bring back good memories.

As you'll know if you've played it yourself, the game is full of standout moments that help it to be one of Mario's finest platforming outings. One of these moments is the final boss battle and, indeed, the whole final sequence - if you hadn't already guessed, you'll want to look away now if you don't want any spoilers.

As part of your final showdown with Bowser himself, the player needs to capture him using Cappy and escape their crumbling surroundings by smashing everything in sight. It's a pretty special moment, but speedrunner miiwii912 has managed to find a way to skip part of this very section of the game.

You can see it happening in the tweet below; as Bowser, miiwii912 finds what appear to be hidden platforms on the outside of the 2D section (you'd usually have to enter this through a warp pipe and work your way up to progress). Using these hidden platforms, they manage to completely avoid the whole 2D portion of our heroes' escape.

With previous discoveries finding that you can also skip 2D sections in other areas with very precise jumps - such as those in the Cascade and Sand Kingdoms - miiwii912 claims that you can now beat the entire game without ever setting foot in a 2D area. We're not sure why you'd want to do that - we think they're pretty ace - but still, that's a pretty interesting fact.

We suddenly have a craving to play through all of the 3D Mario games. Maybe those rumoured remasters will come in super handy later this year!

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