Sega is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary and is having a whale of a time making off the wall videos to celebrate Hiroshi Fujioka, an actor who played the role of Sega Saturn's mascot back in the day. In the video above we see his son Maito Fujioka reprise the role of the biggest Sega fan to grace the school playground.

As the video goes on, it gets stranger and stranger. Here's the translation courtesy of the folks over at Siliconera:

Girl 1: “Sega Shiro, is that a Switch?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Game Gear – released in 1990)”

Girl 2: “Are those sunglasses?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Sega 3-D Glasses – released in 1987)”

Girl 3: “Is that a backpack?”

Sega Shiro: “It’s Sega! (Sega Saturn – released in 1994)

Girl 4: “What is it that you’re always wearing?”

(Enter flashback scene)

Segata Sanshiro: “Sega Shiro!”

Sega Shiro: “Father…”

Segata Sanshiro: “Bring it! Stronger! Master your Sega!”

Sega Shiro: “Sega! Sega! Sega!”

Segata Sanshiro: “See you.”

(Segata Sanshiro blows up, exit flashback)

Sega Shiro: “Father!!!”

Girl 4: “Look over there!”

???: “Sega is so outdated!”

Sega Shiro: “You asshole!”

Sega Hatan Shiro: “Go bankrupt! Go bankrupt! Go bankrupt, Sega!!!”

Sega Shiro: “Father, I will protect Sega!”

As Sega's 60th anniversary approaches on 3rd June, we look forward to more Sega Shiro antics in the upcoming weeks. If anyone can save Sega from bankruptcy, it's surely him!

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