We can hear this image...
We can hear this image...

Most of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is pretty perfect - even if there are one or two things that have really upset some players - but this one little idea could go an awfully long way in terms of making the daily grind more enjoyable.

The latest game in the series has introduced item durability, whereby your "trusty" fishing rod, net, shovel and more will break after a set number of uses. The idea adds to the realism of the island experience - tools don't last forever in the real world, so it does make sense - but we always find ourselves letting out a little groan of exasperation as our axe breaks and we have to go and make another one.

Perhaps part of this annoyance comes from the fact that it's difficult to predict when an item is going to break. Unless you make a note of exactly how many hits your item has taken and count as you go, you might find yourself frustratingly far away from a crafting bench just when you really need one. This idea would fix that in a heartbeat:

Shared to Reddit by site user Evagast, this concept presents the idea of a durability meter. The idea's pretty straightforward - by keeping an eye on the meter, you'll know when each of your tools are on the brink of destruction and can therefore plan ahead before setting out to harvest more materials.

The replies to the Reddit post present more great ideas, too.

cyberscythe: It's nice to know the durability of items. I'd like it to change the look of the in-game item though instead of having an abstract health bar, like if your shovel's about to break it would have noticeable cracks on it. I think it'd help with the immersion of the game because it's something you'd have to notice the fine details of.

NinJOy_da_JOy: Or just a notification like in Zelda "Your weapon is about to break"

We particularly like the idea of the tools having cracks or dents to show that its durability is low. This way, the game's focus on realism would be kept intact, but we'd still have a rough idea that our fishing rod is just a few catches away from breaking into pieces.

Earlier this month, we ran a poll to see which quality of life-style updates you'd like to see in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. There were a number of great ideas, so we'd urge you to have a read through if you're interested.

Would you like to see Nintendo add a durability meter in some way? Or do you prefer it how it already is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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