Star Wars Fallen Order

Google's video game cloud service Stadia admittedly received a lukewarm reception when it launched in select locations last November. Since then, the search engine giant has revealed more than 120 games are on the way to the platform in 2020.

Now, to add to this, EA has announced it's teaming up with Google to bring Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Madden NFL, FIFA, and more to the service later this year. As you might have guessed, it's turned quite a lot of heads within the video game industry. This new partnership has also noticeably come under fire from Nintendo fans on social media and appears to have many others, in general, questioning the arrangement.

Below is a round-up of some of the reactions:

There are theories it could be tied to a financial deal. Google is obviously eager to make something of its new platform, so it wouldn't exactly be a surprise, if so. There are also a number of comments noting how it would be much more work for EA to announce a partnership like this with Nintendo:

Although relations between EA and Nintendo haven't been the best this generation, the third-party giant has shown at least some support for the Switch recently – announcing Burnout Paradise Remastered would be released on the hybrid system later this year.

What do you make of EA's latest partnership? Are you at all surprised a platform like Google Stadia will quite possibly be better supported by the EA than the Switch? Share your thoughts below.