Gbc Aircon
Image: JinGen Lim

No matter how many Game Boy games you have knocking around at home, we bet you don't have any quite like this one.

After receiving a Game Boy Color as a gift, Singapore-based developer JinGen Lim decided to make use of the system in a pretty unexpected way. You see, in addition to the Color's new processing speeds and its colour screen, the Game Boy's successor also featured an infrared port (that black rectangle on the top), and JinGen Lim thought that this could make for a unique air conditioning controller.

Here's the GBC infrared port, as shown on JinGen Lim's machine
Here's the GBC infrared port, as shown on JinGen Lim's machine — Image: JinGen Lim

After a bit of research, they stumbled across a Mission Impossible game which could record and replay infrared signals. This proved that the aircon remote theory could work, and they started to piece together everything else needed to build it, including a bootleg game cartridge and a programming card.

From there, things get a little more complicated. Infrared remotes use a series of light flashes to operate the device they're being pointed at, and the patterns used can vary between devices. Thanks to this, JinGen Lim had to solder a wire to the original remote's IR emitter and hook that up to a computer to capture the signals sent out, all in a bid to understand how they might go about programming such a feature inside the Game Boy cart.

You can see exactly how all of this was achieved by checking out JinGen Lim's full blog post, but here's the final result:

What a wonderfully silly way to get creative with a Game Boy without having to so much as touch the system itself. We'd quite like Game Boy remotes for everything around the house now!

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