Resident Evil 3 Isabelle
We don't care what the subtitles say, that's definitely not Jill. — Image: Crazy Potato via VG24/7

The new, shiny Resident Evil 3 remake landed on other platforms towards the end of last week, bringing its fair share of scary moments and stunning visuals, but this particular sight is arguably more terrifying than anything else the game has to offer.

Modder Crazy Potato has transformed protagonist Jill Valentine into the abomination you see above - some kind of half-human, half-cuddly dog nightmare that'd even make the resilient Tom Nook run headfirst out of Raccoon City. Animal Crossing: New Horizons' fan-favourite star has never looked quite like this.

Its creator says that the mod replaces Jill's head model with an Isabelle mask, forming the grotesque final result before you. We can't imagine many people were exactly asking for this, but this is the internet we're talking about, so who knows?

Resident Evil 3 Isabelle
Image: Crazy Potato via VG24/7

What better way to kickstart the week, huh? Happy nightmares!