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Welcome one and all to the 39th edition of Box Art Brawl, a weekly bout between box art variants from around the world where you vote for the victor...

Last week Mario threw one of his dos on the N64 with Mario Party 2, a swinging shindig from before the formula palled a bit. Looking back we can say with certainty that Japan's cover was your favourite, with North America a distant second and Europe and even distant-er third. Mario parties harder in Japan, it seems.

This week we're sticking with the Nintendo 64 and 3D puzzler Wetrix. Lesser-known perhaps, but fondly remembered, versions of the game appeared on PC, Dreamcast and Game Boy Colour. Wetrix is something of a cult favourite and we looked at the making of this addictive little game a few years back. It’s worth a read if you're a fan or anyways wanted to check this puzzler out but never got around to it.

Enough of that, though. Today we're only interested in the details of the covers that adorned the boxes of our three main territories. Let's dive in.

North America


Beginning in North America, we get a blue sky against a blue ocean with a blue logo and blue spherical drops falling. Plenty of blue, then. Fortunately, the yellow-red patchwork terrain from the game below breaks things up a bit and mirrors the red strip down the right side of the box and the yellow background 'beneath' the peeled back 'Only For' in the corner. It's also noteworthy that this game required a 'Full' Memory Pak to save its data.

A Nintendo Power quote that makes reference to the great biblical flood occupies the space in the sky on the left, but does little to liven things up. There's a fine line between tranquil and boring, and we're not sure if this cover gets the balance right. Gotta love that Ocean logo, though.



The portrait orientation of the Japanese box was given a white frame with cute characters from the game breaking out of it. The 'Wetrix' logo is still there just beneath the Japanese version, although it's partially obscured by light emanating from beneath the characters.

It's colourful, it's cute, but it's not grabbing us. Still, it manages to use a lot of blue without making us think they got a special deal on that colour with the printing firm, so that's something.



The PAL box put the cute little characters front-and-centre again, with the chunky logo taking up a sizeable portion of the cover along the bottom. The art doesn't give you any more idea of the gameplay than the Japanese version, but the reflective light blue of the characters implies some sort of liquid-y fun. There's no quote to tell us it's a puzzle game, but the '-trix' of the name probably provides all the clues you need on that front.

The black strip is a bit bland, but it sets off the colourful image, we suppose. It's a tight one between Europe and Japan for us, although this probably edges it. Our opinion means nothing, though - the choice is yours...

And there we are! Click your favourite below , hit the 'Vote' button, and sit back to see democracy in action.

Which region got the best Wetrix box art?

Ah Wetrix. It's one of those games you always meant to play back in the day but may have never got around to. If you did sample its damp pleasures, let us know below; the rest of you feel free to hit ebay or your online portal of choice to see what a loose cart is going for these days. Catch you next week!