Platinum Games 4

After teasing its fanbase earlier this week on April Fool's Day, it appears PlatinumGames really does have one more surprise lined up. Out of nowhere, a 'bonus stage' has suddenly appeared on its promotional website. As you can see above, it remains a mystery and is simply dated 2020, so we can't even say when exactly it will be revealed this year.

To quickly recap - so far, this special webpage has announced The Wonderful 101: Remastered, revealed Project G.G. – the powerful climax to the Hideki Kamiya superhero trilogy, confirmed there'll be a new Tokyo Studio, and unveiled the company's next-generation game engine. Most recently was the April Fool's movie.

Just yesterday, Hideki even explained how he just wanted to cheer people up during these trouble times with a funny joke involving Hamster Corporation and hoped everyone had a good laugh. Sadly, it seemed to disappoint the fan base more than anything. At least now there's something to anticipate. The question is, what could it be? Take a guess down below.