Staircase in museum that currently leads to nowhere.
Image: Austin Voigt

For those who have played any of the previous entries in the Animal Crossing series, you're all-too-familiar with that crazy black market-dealing fox named Redd. Love him or hate him, he carries wares that are impossible to find anywhere else – including counterfeits and fakes.

The paintings, statues and sculptures – along with other rare items – for sale in his shop provided a weekly challenge in which you'd be guaranteed to either net a new collectable, or waste an inordinate amount of bells on a forgery.

However, we have yet to see hide or hair of this shifty shop owner in New Horizons. Did the black market finally catch up with Ol' Redd? Was that his grave we saw in the trailers?

We would be highly surprised to see this mainline character completely disappear from the series, especially considering how extravagant the new museum design is in the game. Surely there's space in that beautiful new building for some paintings and statues?

Alas, there is hope for Ol' Redd! We've seen a few things so far that hint at his return in New Horizons, and we're keeping our fingers crossed:

  1. Redd's birthday is listed on the Animal Crossing 2020 Birthday Calendar MyNintendo reward – why include this if Redd is no longer being featured in the newest game?
  2. There's a mysterious Staircase to Nowhere in the entry of the museum – it seems logical that this was built with an addition or expansion in mind.
  3. Many pieces of content with special characters, such as holiday events, have so far been planned as software updates and DLC to be added later on – this makes it highly likely other special characters such as Redd will appear down the road.
  4. Crazy Redd makes an appearance in every single Animal Crossing, including Pocket Camp – surely they wouldn't abandon him in their most expansive game to date?
Screenshot of October Animal Crossing Birthday Calendar from MyNintendo Rewards with Redd's birthday listed on the 18th
Image: Austin Voigt

While we can't be certain about his return, we all agree it just isn't the same without our favourite conniving fox cashing in on counterfeit wares. Shifty characters like Redd are the spice that adds life to the Animal Crossing games.

We'll be sure to update this article with any and all new information we find on Crazy Redd – and if he does make an appearance, you can be sure we'll be here to guide you through spotting his fake wares. In the meantime, save up your bells – you'll be needing them, cousin!

Do you think Redd will make a return? Will his role look different in New Horizons? Let us know in the comments below!