Shovel Knight

At this year's PAX East, Yacht Club Games said it was "absolutely" considering a direct sequel to Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

Now, in a Reddit AMA on the Nintendo subreddit, the talented indie developer and publisher has added to this previous comment – explaining how it's definitely up for a sequel, but likely won't be making one any time soon. Here's the full response from Yacht Club's programmer David D'Angelo:

We'd definitely be interested in making one some day...but right now we're moving onto new things. If we made a sequel, I imagine it'd be a similar scale to Shovel of Hope.

Another member of the team reiterated this, saying how "after 6 years of Shovel Knight" it was time to start working on some new games.

During the recent Yacht Club presentation, the director of Shovel Knight Sean Velasco said the team had begun internal development on two new projects – and teased a brand new IP that was sure to interest fans of Shovel Knight.

Would you like to see a follow-up to Shovel Knight at some stage? Are you excited about Shovel Knight Dig and Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon? Leave a comment below.