Ring Fit Adventure

In ongoing efforts to provide support and advice to everyone dealing with the impacts of the coronavirus, The World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed 'active' video games as one way to stay healthy.

WHO has taken to social media to share a list of physical activities that can be performed at home, helping you to remain active without needing to go outdoors. The activities include online exercise classes, dancing to music, using a skipping rope, doing muscle strength and balance training, and the aforementioned active video games.

Image: WHO

Titles like Nintendo's recent Ring Fit Adventure are naturally ideal for this, although that game in particular has been hard to come by recently. As spotted by VGC, some third-party sellers are using the likes of Amazon to sell the game at marked-up prices as demand for the title increases.

The advice comes just a couple of years after The World Health Organisation classified gaming addiction as a disorder. In a guide published at the time, WHO said that symptoms of the disorder include impaired control over gaming, increased priority given to gaming, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite negative consequences. The decision proved to be rather controversial.

WHO recommends that "all healthy adults do 30 minutes/day of physical activity, and children should be physically active for 1 hour/day".

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