As you may well know by now, the Animal Crossing and DOOM fan communities have had a particularly nice bonding session over the past few weeks thanks to New Horizons and DOOM Eternal sharing the same release date.

It's brought some truly fantastic fan creations, including the best music video we've ever seen featuring Isabelle, Tom Nook and co. rocking out to the DOOM soundtrack, and now we have yet another brilliant fan-made effort from YouTube user, TheDashingDoctorK.

Using Source Filmmaker, TheDashingDoctorK presents 'What Isabelle's been doing while waiting for you to upgrade Resident Services', a video featuring Isabelle and the Doom Slayer taking on the world. The animation is truly fantastic and everything's really nicely put together. Plus, the joke of Isabelle ripping and tearing demons apart will never get old. Make sure to give it a watch above.

People are far too talented.

Thanks to status-204 for the tip!