With all of the MAR10 Day celebrations going on yesterday, we're really feeling the Super Mario love at the moment, and this video has made us realise one very important thing: Super Mario Cat Bros. needs to happen immediately.

The video above, shared online by Mr.TVCow, combines the familiar Super Mario gameplay and plot with a truly brilliant short film starring a couple of real-life cats. We don't think we really need to say any more to sell it to you, but suffice it to say that the adorable Mario Cat goes on an epic quest to save the princess.

It was actually first shared to YouTube back in 2018 - which may as well have been around the time of the Big Bang in terms of news consumption expectations these days - so you'll have to forgive us for only stumbling across this now. Still, we're sure plenty of you are only seeing this for the first time now, too, and it was certainly worth the wait, right?

Right then, who's got an uncle at Nintendo who can make this happen? Make yourself known in the comments below.

[source youtube.com]