We doubt many of you reading this have ever wanted to smell like your favourite Super Smash Bros. character, but it seems like this is actually about to become a reality.

Smashersoap is a new, upcoming range of soaps that resemble fighters from Nintendo's legendary fighting series. As you can probably guess, this is an unofficial product not remotely affiliated with Nintendo itself and has actually been started up by an Iowa-based college student.

Its creator, Nick, tells us that the project started as "a fun way for the community to wash up", referencing an ongoing joke within the competitive Smash scene about player hygiene. However, things have escalated since that initial idea, and Nick now plans to recreate each Smash character in the parody-like form seen below.

You can check out the project's website if you're interested in keeping up to date with new soaps; there's even a free-to-play parody of Smash in the works featuring the soap stars themselves.


We didn't expect to come across this when arriving at the office this morning, that's for sure.