Although most people stopped playing the original Animal Crossing on the GameCube a long time ago, there's still a dedicated community out there speedrunning the game. One of these individuals, known as 'BrianMp16' on YouTube and Twitch, recently achieved a rather significant milestone in the game.

He claims to have become the "first legitimate Animal Crossing bellionaire" in the original release. The challenge was to earn one billion bells so he could then receive the post office model – the most expensive item, valued at 999,999,999.

The main reason no one else has gone for this is because you can simply type in a Nook Code in 30 seconds and receive the Post Model that way.

According to his post over on Reddit, this task apparently took him more than two months and 180 hours to achieve. Instead of using glitches or codes, he played the Stalk Market and shifted a lot of turnips on a regular basis. In an FAQ prior to completion, BrianMp16 said it had always been his "dream" to legitimately obtain every item in the game. And in case you're wondering what happens when you save up this much, you receive a message of congratulations from the post office (see above).

Now that he's 100% the original title, Brian is ready to move onto Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it arrives later this month. He's also used his new in-game status to help raise funds (in real life) for animals affected by the Nashville tornados in North America. You can read more about this over on Reddit.