Masahiro Sakurai

For the past year now, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai has been working around the clock to develop additional DLC fighters. He puts excessive hours in the game's creation and often doesn't take breaks. He has even spoken about his health issues previously and how it has required him to rethink his work-life balance.

If all of this wasn't already worrying enough, in this week's issue of Famitsu (translated by Ryokutya2089 via Siliconera), Sakurai revealed how he recently managed to avoid a major injury due to fatigue. According to the source, he was apparently "taking a bath during a trip to the gym" recently and passed out because he was tired and dehydrated. His low-carb meat-based diet was supposedly a contributing factor.

We've heard how Sakurai enjoys being a "hard worker", but perhaps it's time for him to slow down a little.

Exactly a year ago, the director revealed how he would use an IV drip and "go to work like normal" during the development of Smash Bros. Ultimate, in order to avoid taking time off. He also spoke about how he dealt with "a lot of stomach problems" throughout the game's creation, including some serious food poisoning.

Fighters Pass 2 is expected to be the last round of character DLC for Smash Bros. Ultimate. Hopefully, after this, Sakurai-san can have a nice long rest.