Here's how to avoid looking like this...

Shaking trees is a way of life in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It presents you with all sorts of great stuff like money, tree branches, fruit, and - we'd argue - even happiness itself, but it also provides you with the bane of any poor villager's existence. Wasps.

As series veterans will know, the traditional way to avoid being stung by a wasp is to simply catch the swarm in your net before they get the chance to attack you in the eyeball. Even for the most experienced, though, this can sometimes go wrong. Thankfully, there's another, unorthodox method involving the party popper item.

The trick has been demonstrated perfectly below by Twitter user @acnh_tip; by holding the party popper before shaking your chosen tree, you can simply shoot the wasps into oblivion before they get the chance to descend. It's pretty brutal, but also quite satisfying.

If you're wondering, you can get a party popper from the Nook Twins, either at their very own Nook's Cranny shop, or in the Resident Services tent if you haven't yet unlocked the store.

So we can now beat the wasps and celebrate with a single button press? Nice.

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