Image: @brielarson / Nintendo

Captain Marvel and Kong: Skull Island star Brie Larson has proven time and time again that she's a fan of Nintendo's work - she once suggested that she'd like to make a Metroid movie and was even spotted fangirling over Nintendo of America president Doug Bowser - and that trend is now continuing with the upcoming release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Yes, just like all of us regular, non-celebrity folk, Larson seems to be super-excited for our next dose of cuteness on Nintendo Switch. Over the past couple of months, she's been pretty regularly tweeting about the game and its characters, including these posts below:

Our favourite pick of the bunch, though, is this. Twitter user @tessaracts shared a thread of images showing Larson next to a number of Animal Crossing characters doing the same pose or wearing similar clothes. They aren't all perfect, but some - especially the last one - are pretty great.

If you're reading, Brie, welcome to the club! Only 17 days to go until we can finally get our hands on it.